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Accomodation Quintas de Moledos :Aljezur: Aljezur, Algarve, Portugal


The pretty town of Aljezur spreads up the hillsides on the banks of the Amoreira River. The old town is very quaint, with cobbled streets rising to the beautiful 16thcentury Misericordia Church, the cobbled streets then wind on up to Aljezur Castle, a 1000 year old Moorish castle, the walls and towers still remain and the view from the top is panoramic.

In Aljezur the Municipal Museam is worth a visit, with archelogical artefacts and exhibits of old Portugese farming and fishing practices . The modern art gallery Espaco + is constantly changing their exhibitions of modern Portugese artists.

If you are heading to Carrepateira one day, the Museam of Ethanography is a fascinating insight into the lives of farmers and fishermen in this area, including the famed Goose Barnacle fishermen.